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Harris Integrated Solutions provides top-notch factory-certified service to our customers. Our team of service technicians have years of experience in the field, and provide the utmost level of customer service. While most issues can be solved remotely, we are happy to dispatch a service technician from any of our 6 office locations to your facility, any day and time of the week.


In addition to round-the-clock technical support, Harris offers multi-level DDC training. Most training classes are offered at no cost to our customers. Classes may be provided remotely, on-site, or at Harris’ training facility in West Columbia, SC. All classes are custom-built (like our technology solutions!) to accommodate each customer’s specific needs.

Many customers only use a small number of features and options in their control system. Our training offers keys to unlock undiscovered jewels that can improve your energy management, while also helping you realize added convenience and savings. We want you to be an expert of your system!

To schedule training, contact Joey Pace at 803 794-8808 or


Extended Warranty Protects Investment

A Harris Integrated Solutions Extended Warranty can provide all materials, labor and transportation needed to replace or repair any of the building energy management equipment installed by HIS. We support our customers with multiple solutions to keep their buildings running at peak efficiency.

We can provide assistance with schedule changes, set point changes for heating and cooling and assist HVAC personnel with diagnosing problems. Software updates and driver modules are also included. This is an excellent protection plan for your control equipment.

We can provide the appropriate level of warranty needed whether you have trained staff or no staff at all. Labor Only and Remote Communications Only warranties are also available

An Extended Warranty is not a service contract. The difference may seem subtle but the cost is not. Electronic control equipment requires very little maintenance so tremendous savings are realized with the elimination of periodic maintenance visits.


**If this is an Emergency Service Request, please call the office directly at (803) 794-8808


Harris Integrated Solutions customers can now order parts at our online website: or click the link to the right

This website provides you with a private, password protected shopping area where you can place your orders, review your order history and review products specifically assigned to you.

You will need a Username & Password in order to use this site. Please call us at 803-794-8808 ext. 1119 or email:


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Talk with an expert or schedule a product demo to find out how we can help you control your building costs, energy, and comfort.