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Building Automation System: an Innovative Solution for Healthcare Facilities

Advance Your Healthcare Facility with Innovative Building Automation System Technology

In today’s healthcare industry, staying ahead of the competition is key. With the integration of advanced building automation system (BAS) technology, healthcare facilities can streamline their operations and provide innovative solutions to their patients. By leveraging the power of a BAS, healthcare facilities can monitor and manage their environment more effectively, while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Here are some ways a BAS (Building Automation System) can enhance your healthcare facility:


Promote Sustainability and Energy Efficiency - Automated systems are much more efficient than manual ones when it comes to controlling the temperature and airflow in healthcare facilities. Not only do they reduce energy consumption and costs, but they also promote energy efficiency and ultimately save your facility money. Our building automation system can help healthcare facilities create a more eco-friendly building.

Maintain Optimal Air Quality - Automated sensors and systems can detect alterations in air quality and take action to correct any imbalances in temperature or humidity levels, providing optimal conditions for patients, staff and visitors. This also ensures all critical areas remain within safety guidelines for temperature, humidity, and air flow. Enhanced ventilation and air quality can lead to improved wellbeing, creating a comfortable and safe environment for all.

Reduce Costs - Cut costs and increase efficiency by decreasing energy usage and maintenance rates, enabling healthcare facilities to operate more cost-effectively.

Attract Potential Patients - Maximize patient potential by creating an inviting and technologically advanced environment with building automation systems. This is a surefire way to make your healthcare facility more attractive to prospective patients.

Gain Total Control - Installing a building automation system gives healthcare facilities the power to connect different systems and rooms via a centralized control and energy management platform. With this system, facility managers can access their facility from any device - whether it's their phone or laptop. This state-of-the-art system provides computerized controls, real-time graphical displays and an easy-to-use interface, giving managers the ability to monitor, adjust and manage the equipment within the facility. Utilizing this system not only saves time and money that would be spent on physical inspections, but also streamlines day-to-day operations for maximum efficiency.

Collect and Store Data on Energy Usage - Gain valuable insights into how energy is being utilized in your healthcare facility by collecting and storing data on energy usage. Investing in a building automation system can be hugely beneficial – not only can it save on energy expenses, but it can also help to keep maintenance costs at a minimum. By detecting HVAC system issues and alerting staff of potential repairs or maintenance, you can prevent hazardous situations and minimize potential damage. With an exacting level of control, you can be sure that your HVAC system is functioning optimally and reduce wear-and-tear, thus increasing its lifespan while simultaneously cutting down on maintenance costs.

Are you ready to take your healthcare facility to the next level with the latest building automation system technology?

Upgrade your healthcare building with Harris Integrated Solutions to experience the benefits of a well-managed facility, increased patient and staff comfort and safety, sustainability, and cost-savings. Request a demo today to see these benefits for yourself!

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