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Covid-19 Resource Guide- Reopening your Facility

Mechanical systems

  • Humidity 40-60% is beneficial, airborne virus dies quicker in these situations.
  • Increase air changes in the room, around 13 changes per hour. Check for diversity issues.
  • Increase OA/Exhaust air %. Check for capacity issues within mechanical system
  • Filtering MERV13 or better.
    • AHU may not be able to handle this due to filter air flow restriction
    • Air purifiers with filtration can be substituted
  • UV
    • In duct or unit not effective for air filtration because the air goes by too quick, never getting the exposure time to deactivate the virus. Works great for coil surfaces
    • Portable In-room UV options available for unoccupied spaces
  • Maintenance- duct, filters etc, workers should use appropriate PPE including respirator (mask), safety glasses, disposable gloves.

Ashrae Webinar – The Role of HVAC Systems in the Transmission of COVID – 19 Part 2

Ashrae Filtration / Disinfection

IR screening

  • Temperature-based screening, such as thermal imaging, is not effective at determining if someone definitively has COVID-19 because, among other things, a person with COVID-19 may not have a fever. A diagnostic test must be performed to determine if an individual has COVID-19.
  • Thermal imaging systems have not been shown to be accurate when used to take the temperature of multiple people at the same time. The accuracy of these systems depends on careful set-up and operation, as well as proper preparation of the person being evaluated.
  • Thermal imaging systems have been used by several countries during epidemics, although information about their effectiveness as part of efforts to reduce the spread of disease has been mixed.
  • FDA Source and guidance on non contact IR thermomometers