Solutions Are Our Products

Harris Integrated Solutions offers solutions to our customers.  We're not here to sell you stuff.  We're here to be your partner to save time, energy and money.

Some of our customers look for energy savings solutions.  By controlling HVAC and lighting systems components, we can improve efficiency and save energy.  

Other customers are looking for the convenience of a web-based control system.  Last minute schedule changes or unexpected temperature shifts don't have to be a crisis when access from a home computer or laptop put controls are your finger tips from any location.

Recently, customers have been requesting assistance in documenting energy saving.  We can partner with you to provide extensive trending capabilities to generate operating data, in graphic or spreadsheet format, for tracking and analyzing building performance.

Project Managers

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Keith Hughes                                                               Bill Grogan                            
Low Country                                                                Coastal

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Jerome Ogburn                                                           Shane Vanhoose                  

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Noel Goodrich