WebCTRL 6.5 Continues to Be The Best

June 1, 2017

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In today’s buildings, the power of an innovative, easy-to-use building automation system is a big deal.

The Automated Logic® WebCTRL® building automation system offers an intuitive user interface and powerful tools to help facility managers keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems, and analyze the results. And, best of all, this can all be done anytime/anywhere, through a variety of Internet devices, from desktop PCs to web-enabled cell phones.WebCTRL systems provide local to global energy management and control, and easily interface with all major electrical and mechanical subsystems in the building. With these capabilities and more, facility managers can access, configure, and manage building control systems in ways that best serve their operating needs and budget.

Key Features and Benefits

• Powerful, comprehensive building management with intuitive,

point-and-click graphical access

• Dynamic color floor plans convey a quick understanding of building conditions

• Customizable graphics, schedules, trends, reports, and alarms

• Inherent WebCTRL Environmental Index™ tool for measuring,

analyzing, and comparing comfort conditions against setpoints,

helping you balance comfort with efficiency

• Powerful WebCTRL Time-lapse™ graphics for analyzing and

troubleshooting up to 24 hours of past building operation

• Built-in Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), to help

anticipate, provide insight, and automatically respond to

building issues

• Readily participates in energy rebate programs using the OpenADR® 2.0 protocol

• Optional EnergyReports™ analysis package can be added to

analyze, compare, and normalize building energy consumption

data over different time periods

• Optional Eco-Screen® sustainability kiosk software can be

added to showcase building systems and energy efficient building features to occupants and visitors

• Easily integrates to other building systems and third party

software using BACnet, Modbus®, LonWorks®, and other

third party protocols

• Fully compatible with Automated Logic legacy systems

The WebCTRL® building automation system gives you the ability to understand your building operations and analyze the results. The WebCTRL system integrates environmental, energy, security and safety systems into one powerful management tool that allows you to reduce energy consumption, increase occupant comfort, and achieve sustainable building operations. Our web-based platform allows building managers to control and access information about their HVAC, lighting, central plant and critical processes on premises or remotely at any time of day.