Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:   I heard recently that other companies can provide Automated Logic® parts, software upgrades and service.  Is that true?

 Answer:   Absolutely not true!  Harris Integrated Solutions is the only authorized dealer in South Carolina and Western North Carolina for Automated Logic® and the only legal provider of software upgrades.  Any company offering software upgrades for WebCTRL® or other ALC products would be installing pirated or stolen copies of the product which could void all warranties and subject the customer to legal consequences with Automated Logic.


Question:  Can my original or extended warranty be serviced by other companies?

Answer:   Warranties are provided through Harris Integrated Solutions and work covered under these warranties can only be provided by HIS.


Question:  With today’s economy, is this a good time to consider spending money on my HVAC system?

Answer:  Today’s economy makes it imperative to find ways to reduce expenses.  Adding an HVAC control system or upgrading an older one makes economic sense.  The energy savings for most of our customers produces a return on investment in just a few years.  Our energy experts can crunch the numbers to provide you with reliable estimates for your ROI.


Question:  Money is tight right now for my operation.  Is there any financial assistance available for upgrading my HVAC controls?

Answer:  Absolutely!  Government entities and power companies have a strong interest in promoting energy savings.  Incentives and in some cases, grants are available to assist with energy saving upgrades.  Ask us for details.  We will even work with you to complete paper work.


Question:  Are there other benefits to HVAC control systems?

Answer:  Convenience, comfort, even health and safety are benefits available from a web-based control system.  Imagine being able to adjust the temperature at your facility from home.  Or, check to be sure lights are off after hours.  Our controls can even monitor the air quality to be sure CO2 levels don’t create productivity or safety issues.